Windows XP

To restore the missing Compressed (zipped) Folder entry to the "Send To" menu in Windows XP, use these steps:

Click Start, Run and type:

rundll32 zipfldr.dll,RegisterSendto

In the background, a 0 byte file named Compressed (zipped) Folder.ZFSendToTarget will automatically be created in the %Userprofile%\SendTo folder.

Windows Vista

The Compressed (zipped) Folder icon is present in each user profile and also in the Default user profile. Follow these steps to restore the icon to your user account:

1. Click Start, type the following and press Enter:


2. Right-click Compressed (zipped) Folder and choose Copy (Shortcut: CTRL+C)

3. Open the SendTo folder of your user profile. To do so, click Start, type the following and press Enter:


4. Right-click an empty area in the folder, and choose Paste (Shortcut: CTRL+V)

Alternately, you can download, unzip and extract the enclosed file to your SendTo folder.