Every time when you start a game (which is shipped with Windows Vista), the message Do you want to continue your saved game appears. Also, when you continue the saved game and complete it, the saved game is not deleted, thus resulting in the same message as above every time when you start the game.


To resolve the problem, open the Saved Games folder and delete the file which stores the last saved game. Follow these steps:

  • Click Start, All Programs, Games, Games Explorer
  • Right-click on the corresponding game icon, and choose Saved Games
  • When the Saved Games folder for that particular game opens, select the saved game file and delete it. Do not delete the Desktop.ini file in that folder. The file name contains the name of the game, followed by a unique file extension. To name a few...
  • ChessTitans.ChessTitansSave-ms
  • Minesweeper.MineSweeperSave-ms
  • Comfy Cakes.ComfyCakesSave-ms
  • Purble Pairs.PurblePairsSave-ms

Alternately, to open the Saved Games folder, click Start, type shell:savedgames and press ENTER. Double-click the folder named Microsoft Games. Under the Microsoft Games folder, each game uses its own folder to save its files.